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Associate Members

 Associate Members of the CFSG

CFSG has a limited number of organisations or individuals who bring specialist knowledge and experience to the field of dog and cat health and welfare or who seek to lift standards around the industry. These Associate members are chosen by the CFSG membership to help them with Working Groups and inquries and are asked for their input into policy formation.

The following organisations are Associate Members:

 The UK Centre for Animal Law (A-law)

The UK Centre for Animal Law (A-law) An organisation of lawyers, as well as scientists, campaigners and others interested in protecting animals through the law. The charity promotes interest in animal law and provides a hub of legal expertise, education and resources to improve the law protecting animal interests.

 Dog Breeding Reform Group

Dog Breeding Reform Group Set up to promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing and supporting initiatives to improve dog welfare related to: genetic and breed related health, breeding, rearing and selling practices; and to inform the general public about irresponsible dog breeding in order to make them aware of the potential impact on their dogs' health and welfare

 Assocation of Licensed Kennels & Catteries

Assocation of Licensed Kennels & Catteries ALIKC works with representatives from all sectors of the pet care industry to represent, support and advise owners of Licensed Kennels and Catteries to meet high standards.

 British Isles Grooming Association

British Isles Grooming Association BIGA seeks to support those working in the dog and cat grooming industry, raise standards and promoting awareness of the benefits of grooming to the general public and affiliated pet care professionals. BIGA looks to promote that pet safety, health and welfare comes first.

 The Association of Dog Boarders

Association_of_Dog_Boarders.png When the Animal Activity Licensing came into effect in 2018, the Association of Dog Boarders was established as they felt that home boarders needed a representative body to provide them with a voice in any future discussions.


NARPSUK NARPSUK seeks to set industry standards for pet sitter and dog walkers as well as providing education and training material available to its members.