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Canine & Feline Sector Group


The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) is made up of influential organisations who advise Government on behalf of the sector on strategically important dog and cat health and welfare issues and standards.

​CFSG is a "not for profit" body which offers expert advice and recommendations with a unified and respected voice on dogs and cats from members including charities, the veterinary sectors and the pet industry.

Please do contact CFSG if you have any questions or wish to apply for membership.


Pet Infographics 

The National Office of Animal Health ( has worked with the Canine and Feline Group to produce three infographics to help owners ensure their pet stays in the very best health during this strange year where our usual way of life has been affected.


Recognising that pets are struggling with the changes as much as their owner, NOAH and CFSG felt it would be useful to give some pointers to help prevent behaviour and health problems. The three infographics set out some of the problems owners may have come across and solutions to tackle them as well as where to go for further advice.


The first infographic is what you can do to prevent anxiety in your pet and resolve any relating behaviour issues. The second infographic sets out how you can keep your pet in good health with preventative treatments that can be done at home and through a good routine. The third infographic is about how your vet can support you with your pet with the new way of working including virtual consultations.


We hope pet lovers will share these infographics amongst their friends and family so that we can all look after our pets.

You can find the full sized infographics by clicking below

Your Pet's Health.pdf

Pet Behaviour Advice.pdf

You and Your Vet.pdf

Your Pet's Health.jpgPet Behaviour Advice.jpgYou and Your Vet.jpg