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Canine & Feline Sector Group


The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) is made up of influential organisations who advise Government on behalf of the sector on strategically important dog and cat health and welfare issues and standards.

​CFSG is a "not for profit" body which offers expert advice and recommendations with a unified and respected voice on dogs and cats from members including charities, the veterinary sectors and the pet industry.

Please do contact CFSG if you have any questions or wish to apply for membership.

 CFSG Mission Statement


"To represent the dog and cat sector comprising of the animal welfare organisations,veterinary and industry representatives working with enforcement and other agencies with the aim of improving the health and welfare of dogs and cats across England." 



Outcomes of 2018 Big Tent Meeting

In May 2018, CFSG held its annual Big Tent meeting at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs which was attended by over 70 stakeholders and members of the Animal Health & Welfare Board England. 

In the first part of the session, attendees heard from the Minister of State, Lord Gardiner, who spoke about how the Government welcomed the collaboration and advice of the sector group and thanked them for all their work on the Animal Activity Licensing Regulations and the Cat and Dog Welfare Codes. They also heard from Michael Seals, Chairman of the Animal Health & Welfare Board England and Non-Executive Board Member, Claire Horton, about how the Board works with the Sector Group to develop policy and advice Defra. 

The second part of the meeting introduced attendees to the new Licensing Regulations and the Risk Based System which will work alongside them. In light of these major changes to the way dog breeders, cat and dog boarders and vendors will be regulated, CFSG asked attendees to put forward their views on how they could support the push for higher standards and help drive the public to look for the very best breeders, sellers and boarders. Finally, attendees were asked to put forward key issues which they felt needed to be looked at and ways to improve cat and dog welfare more.

The main points raised and CFSG's response can be read Big Tent Overview 2018.pdf