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Canine & Feline Sector Group


The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) is made up of influential organisations who advise Government on behalf of the sector on strategically important dog and cat health and welfare issues and standards.

​CFSG is a "not for profit" body which offers expert advice and recommendations with a unified and respected voice on dogs and cats from members including charities, the veterinary sectors and the pet industry.

Please do contact CFSG if you have any questions or wish to apply for membership.


CFSG welcomes Lucy's Law


The UK's best loved national animal welfare organisations are thrilled that finally 'third party' selling and trading of puppies and kittens is illegal following Lucy's Law coming into force today. This welcome new legislation bans their sale by anyone other than the breeder. From now on anyone selling you a puppy or kitten must have bred them themselves and be able to prove that to you. Lucy's Law follows legislation in 2018 which introduced higher standards for large scale breeding establishments and is the latest part of a package of protection for puppies, kittens and those dogs and cats kept for commercial breeding and sale.


CFSG members recommend the best way to get a new puppy or kitten is directly from a reputable rescue or re-homing centre or from a responsible breeder using the Puppy Contract or Kitten Checklist.


This time of national crisis may not be the right time to take on a new puppy or kitten, it is important you consider the suitability of a pet long term rather than just in the current circumstances when many of us are spending much more time at home. You can find out more about getting a new puppy and kitten here