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Pet Advice

 Useful Links

Help with Dog and Cat Behaviour

For advice about dog behaviour the Dog's Trust has a very helpful page of traiing your dog, understand their behaviour and choosing the right sort of dog for your lifestyle which you can find here

The RSPCA has a useful set of infographics on how to understand dog behaviour which is particularly good for children and can be found on this link. They also have the same resource for cats which you can find on this link.

For more detailed information on cat behaviour you can download the guidance which Cats Protection have produced here

The Kennel Club has some guidance on basic training for your dog or puppy which you can read here

PDSA offers advice on separation anxiety for dogs and cats. They have also provied some help on preventing stress in cats which you can find here. 

Keeping your Dog and Cat Healthy

PDSA vets provide some clear advice on how to keep your pet healthy - click here to read it 

Battersea offers a range of advice on looking after your cat including how to tell if your cat is in pain, how to avoid any toxic foods, how to deal with a bee or wasp sting and cystitus in cats. Have a look here for more information.

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association have produced some advice for pet owners which can be found on their website.

Have a look at RSPCA advice on how to get profesional treatment and advice for your pet here

The Blue Cross have some very comprehensive advice on what to do if your dog or cat is a bit under the weather. It includes advice on coughs, phantom pregnancies, arthritis, skin cancer, mange, ear mites, conjunctivitis and if your pet has been sick. You will find cats here and dogs here. They also have advice for other pets here.